Recording/Tracking      email for dialogue and quote     

     Remote tracking (your living room, cabin in the woods, etc.)

      Studio rental (Memphis, TN area) - perfect for drums and full band

     My control room is available for tracking some projects.

Editing               email for dialogue and quote

     Vocal tuning

     Drum alignment and editing

Mixing                    email for dialogue and quote

     Mixing can be simple or complex based on the material.  Simple songs can be mixed within a few hours, while complex material can take more than one day session.  Notice that editing and mixing are different ideas.  Editing should be completed before mix sessions begin. 

Mix Review/Coaching     $25 per song

     Review of your track with pristine conversion and an excellent monitoring environment to provide informative and encouraging feedback for audio productions.  Mix Review is included with mastering if requested.

Mastering          $65 per song

    I'm glad to offer a sample of your track mastered upon request.

      Clear, punchy, clean mastering is achieved using pristine conversion 

      and Tyler Acoustics monitoring. 

     Digital mastering (iTunes - MFiT, Bandcamp, etc.)

     CD mastering (DDP creation)


     Additional Mastering Services:

  •      Stem mastering

  •      DDP creation only

Producing - full project          email for dialogue and quote

     I enjoy helping take ideas and bring them to life through the creative process, from start to finish.  Rates depend on the nature of the project, generally at a generous discount.   This is some of my favorite work and I consider it an honor to be apart of each and every project - no matter the size.

Video/Podcast Producing        

     Audio Tracking and editing including sound effects

     Editing, mixing and enhancement of YouTube audio for your videos


Audio Book Narration     $300 per completed hour* compliant

     Male and/or female narration - English language

     *One Completed hour of audiobook averages around 6 hours of work

     Tracking, Editing, and Mastering is included